SEED Conference

We’re excited to share that Renel recently presented at the SEED Conference in Valencia, Spain! Our presentation, titled “Stimulating Metering Applications based on Renewables Technologies: presenting the SMART project”, highlighted our groundbreaking work on developing an intelligent solar charging station with a real-time energy management system.

The SMART Project tackles the challenge of optimal energy management by integrating cutting-edge technologies:

🔸 IoT sensors: Collect real-time data on various factors, including weather conditions.
🔸 Machine learning algorithms: Analyze the collected data to predict energy consumption and generation.
🔸 Statistical load data: Provides insights into historical usage patterns.

By considering these diverse parameters, the SMART project’s model suggests the most efficient course of action for station owners. This could involve:

🔸 Storing excess renewable energy (RES) for later use.
🔸 Purchasing energy from the grid during off-peak hours.
🔸 Selling stored or RES-generated energy back to the grid.

All this information is conveniently accessible through a user-friendly web platform, empowering station owners to make informed decisions for optimal energy use.

This presentation at the SEED Conference signifies Renel’s dedication to fostering innovation in the renewable energy sector. The SMART Project has the potential to revolutionize solar charging stations, promoting sustainable and cost-effective energy management.