Renel and HEDNO S.A. signed a cooperation agreement to improve distribution and supply networks in the Samos and Kos islands.

The goal of the cooperation is to improve the operation and reliability of electricity grids in these two islands, through the implementation of studies and projects that will contribute to:

🔸 Strengthening the safety and stability of networks

🔸 Improving the quality of electricity supply

🔸 Addressing overloading and power outages

🔸 Modernization and upgrading of infrastructure

As part of the cooperation, Renel will undertake the following services:

🔹 Distribution and supply network studies

🔹 Data and information collection

🔹 Liaison with users and stakeholders

🔹 Preparation of files for issuing permits

🔹 Implementation of modernization and upgrade projects

The cooperation between Renel and HEDNO is an important initiative for strengthening the energy infrastructure in the Samos and Kos islands and ensuring the uninterrupted supply of electricity to residents and will contribute to improving the quality of life for the residents of Samos and Kos. Keeping the public informed about the progress and benefits of the cooperation on social media is essential to enhance transparency and accountability.