Volos Port Authority

Renel has signed an agreement with Volos Port Authority to provide services for mapping electrical installations, verifying their compliance with the ELOT 60364:2020 standard, and issuing Electrical Installation Certificates (ΥΔΕ) for 10 electrical connections.

These are highly important services that Renel offers with extensive experience and responsibility towards its customers. Volos Port Authority is a significant entity in the crucial transportation and logistics sector.

The installation inspection process will include at least the following procedures:

  • Visual inspection of the installation
  • Testing and measurements

Key Points:

  • Renel has partnered with Volos Port Authority to ensure the safety and compliance of their electrical installations.
  • This agreement highlights Renel’s expertise and commitment to providing high-quality services in the electrical sector.
  • The thorough inspection process will involve visual checks and testing to guarantee the integrity of the electrical systems.

This collaboration between Renel and Volos Port Authority demonstrates the importance of adhering to safety standards and ensuring the reliability of electrical installations in critical infrastructure.