New Project for Ergon Foods

We are so happy to announce that we signed a new contract with the prestigious Ergon Agora East of Ergon Foods, regarding the procurement and installation of photovoltaic panels of 250 kW.

ERGON has been an all-encompassing brand for artisanal Mediterranean products and cuisine since 2008. Having a portfolio of more than 600 unique products, 23 company-owned and franchise Mediterranean delis, restaurants, markets, and hotels in Greece, the UK, Cyprus, and Qatar under the same brand, ERGON is the only integrated Greek food brand in the world.

Such big venues with huge energy needs, like Ergon Agora East Thessaloniki, can benefit big time from the Net-Metering procedure, shifting to solar energy. With the decrease in the cost of installing a solar panel system, top industries can save on electricity costs and be safe from future energy price increases.