Energy Upgrade of the Municipal Swimming Pool of Sykeai

A new contract for the energy upgrade of the municipal swimming pool of Sykeai was signed between the Mayor of Neapolis-Sykeon and Renel.

In addition to the installation of a High-Efficiency Combined Heat and Power unit that will provide heat through which electricity can be fed into the grid, photovoltaic and solar water heaters for the showers as well as heat pumps will be installed in the swimming pool.

Specifically, the following are provided for:

-Insulation of external masonry
-Ceiling insulation
-Replacement of the external frames of the building with new energy-efficient ones
-Placement of selective surface solar collectors on the roof of the building
-Replacement of the heating system of the swimming pool with a HEATER and a heat pump
-Replacement of air conditioning units
-Replacement of conventional lamps with LED ones
-Hot Water Heat Pump (DHW).

The €1,470,000.00 budget project will contribute to limiting CO2 emissions and the energy efficiency of this improtant infrastructure and at the same time will enhance the experience of the athletes.