Meet Renel Team- Chief Strategy Officer

At the dawn of 2024, we asked some interesting questions to the Chief Strategy Officer of Renel George Chatzargyros.

We notice a lot of changes happening worldwide regarding energy. Which sectors do you think are going to thrive in the years to come?

The global energy landscape is undergoing significant transformations, driven by factors such as technological advancements, policy changes, and increasing awareness of environmental sustainability. Several sectors are expected to thrive in the coming years as the world transitions towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. Some key sectors involve Renewable Energy and storage, Electric Vehicles (EVs), Smart Grids, Hydrogen Economy, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Management.

Renel turns into a recognized and dynamic company as well as a robust knowledge provider in the fields of its expertise

Since 2009 when Renel was founded, is 2023 the best year ever for the company?

Throughout all these years, we have faced many challenges, 2023 was indeed the best year ever in terms of people development and revenue growth. Renel has become more extroverted, expanding its client base, both in the private and public sectors. New offices, new departments, and people all stand for a new era for Renel which turns into a recognized and dynamic company as well as a robust knowledge provider in the fields of its expertise.

You have recently taken on the position of Chief Strategy Officer of Renel. What exactly does this mean operationally?

Transitioning to the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) implies taking on a critical role in shaping the overall strategic direction of our organization. Operationally, my responsibilities as a CSO encompass several key aspects like strategic planning and development, organizational structure and design, new business development, collaboration, and partnerships. As a Chief Strategy Officer, my role involves balancing short-term operational needs with long-term vision, guiding the organization through change, and ensuring that strategic initiatives contribute to sustained growth and success.

What will be the company’s strategic goals for 2024?

The strategic targets for 2024 are aligned with the company’s mission, vision, and broader business strategy and mainly focus on:

  • Improvement of profit margins through efficient project management and cost control
  • Exceed project completion deadlines and milestones for all ongoing and upcoming projects
  • Explore and enter new geographic markets and sectors to diversify the client base
  • Invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements
  • Achieve and maintain high health and safety standards on all construction sites
  • Retain top talent by offering career development opportunities and a positive work environment
  • Form strategic partnerships with suppliers, subcontractors, and other industry players to enhance project delivery capabilities