Workshop: Solutions in Electromobility

Electromobility is here for good. The number of electric vehicles is constantly increasing and according to EU directives, they will be the only option in a few years. The charging problem, however, remains intractable and multi-dimensional. Access points remain few and far between and the charging times required are long. How could businesses adapt to the new standards and at the same time benefit from this market need?

Alumil Solar is the creator of the Helios 2700 Solar Carport, ΤΕΧΝΟΜΑΤ specializes in electric vehicle chargers, and Renel Energy & Power Engineering as a provider of 4 types Solar Carport Solutions that meet the needs of every business will discuss the future of electromobility in our country in a dynamic workshop and they will be able to interact with the attendees, referring to case studies per business category.


Georgios Chalvatzis CEO of Renel Energy & Power Engineering
Kostas Siamis Mobility Engineer ΤΕΧΝΟΜΑΤ ΑΕ / TECHNOMAT SA
Christos Deligiorgis Sales Executive Alumil Solar

Coordinator: Haris Theocharoudis Marketing Manager of Renel Energy & Power Engineering

📍Περίπτερο 13, Events Area, TIF-HELEXPO

📆 Παρασκευή 08 Μαρτίου

🕓 16:00