Renel-ReSight at the Renewable EnergyTech Expo (Schedule)

Mark your calendars! We are pretty happy to participate in the 1st Renewable EnergyTech Expo in Thessaloniki from 7-9 March 2024. At Pavillion 13, Stand B10, we will showcase our latest innovations in the energy sector, presenting smart solutions for businesses, organizations, and more, together with ReSight our affiliated company.

Our strategy is centered around providing high-quality services that prioritize our clients’ needs while promoting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. To achieve this, we focus on leveraging the latest technologies and adopting best practices in our operations.

In this expo, we focus on 5 key areas:


Renewable Energy Sources remain the only reliable ally for a business to become sustainable.

Continuous technological advances in RES can essentially help a business deal with energy costs in smart ways that were not possible in previous years. From the construction of a new generation of photovoltaic parks with a reflection system with trackers to the application of photovoltaic building facades, Renel is the ally for businesses in their efforts to save and produce green energy.

· Modular design with fully prefabricated units in various sizes

· Easy installation without extensive renovation

· Integration of multiple solutions

· Monitoring and actuation sensors for optimal control and performance

· Aesthetically pleasing design


Power-to-heat for the energy transition in the heating (and cooling) sector

Thermal Battery is a power-to-heat technology based on the idea of sector coupling. Wind and solar PV power are initially available as electricity. Thermal Battery converts cheap electricity generated during peak output periods into a reliable and steady supply of thermal energy – a win-win situation for an economically viable transition in the heating (and cooling) sector. By coupling the electricity and heat sectors, our thermal energy storage achieves up to 95% efficiency.

Key Features:

· High-temperature storage for CO2-free heat

· Power-to-Heat system for storing renewable energy as heat

· Flexibility and reliability in supplying industrial processes

· 24/7 availability of CO2-free heat

· Scalable and customizable modular design

· Cost-effective with low leveled cost of storage (LCOS)

· Short delivery time for cost-efficient and resilient process heat

· Environmentally friendly and no hazardous or flammable substances

· Autonomy from rising energy costs and unpredictable energy markets


The transformation of an otherwise passive space of a business into a source of green energy production and management

The spread of the use of electric vehicles in recent years, combined with the energy crisis affecting businesses, has pushed the development of technology to make the most of all their available spaces.

Smart solar carports are the most reliable solution for a business that wants to combine green energy production, vehicle charging, and protection, as well as the possibility of commercial exploitation. Renel has developed 4 specific types of solar carports that meet the needs of any business:


The continuous needs of companies for cheap energy throughout the day all year round, combined with the limitation of free energy space have made it imperative to find solutions to store excess energy. At Renel, we have many years of experience in providing solutions that will add value to your business by enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of your products.


· Robust and reliable storage solutions

· Smart energy management system optimizing efficiency

· Integration with existing renewable energy sources

· Scalable solutions to meet the changing energy requirements of businesses

· Expert consultation and support to ensure a smooth transition to RES


Additionally, through ReSight we provide comprehensive consulting services on energy issues in line with EU guidelines. for adaptation to climate change. With outstanding experience and expertise, ReSight turns European and national climate change commitments into opportunities for businesses to understand their footprint and become more efficient, effective, and resilient to a sustainable future:

• Energy Audits and Inspections

• Development of ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management Systems

• Licensing of RES projects

• Carbon Footprint reports

• Sustainable Development reports

During the expo, we are going to participate in the following events at the Special Events Area (Pavillion 13):

Thursday 7/3 17:30 Presentation of Renel Energy & Power Engineering – ReSight

Innovative solutions: Renel will exhibit the most modern RES systems, the latest technologies in energy storage in the industry, as well as energy-saving solutions for businesses.

Specialized sustainability consulting services: ReSight will present visitors with insights regarding consulting services for their energy footprint, ways to save energy and exploit RES, ESG reporting, etc.

Friday 8/3 16:30 1st Workshop: Electromobility Solutions

Participants: Renel Energy & Power Engineering, ΤΕΧΝΟΜΑΤ ΑΕ / TECHNOMAT SA, Alumil Solar

Electromobility is here for good. The number of electric vehicles is constantly increasing and according to EU directives, they will be the only option in a few years. The charging problem, however, remains intractable and multi-dimensional. Access points remain few and far between and the charging times required are long. How could businesses adapt to the new standards and at the same time benefit from this market need?

Alumil Solar is the creator of the Helios 2700 Solar Carport, ΤΕΧΝΟΜΑΤ ΑΕ / TECHNOMAT SA specializes in electric vehicle chargers, and Renel Energy & Power Engineering as a provider of 4 types Solar Carport Solutions that meet the needs of every business will discuss the future of electromobility in our country in a dynamic workshop and they will be able to interact with the attendees, referring to case studies per business category.

Saturday 9/3 12:30 2nd Workshop: Solutions in the Industry Sector

Participants: Renel Energy & Power Engineering – ReSight, PRAGMA

The energy crisis of recent years seems to be still enduring, forcing companies to constantly look for new ways to deal with this important inhibiting factor in their development. What could be the solution to the limited electrical space? What are the possibilities of energy storage today? In this dynamic Workshop, industry players will have the opportunity to address their questions and propose solutions that respond to the latest legislative and technological developments.

Get ready to be inspired as Renel steps up to the mic. We will showcase our latest innovations in the sector, presenting smart solutions for businesses, organizations, and more. We are looking forward to meeting you all at this amazing energy event!