Company presentation

Quality policy

Our company has established customer satisfaction as the central goal of its services. Implementing an up to date quality management system, we strive to prevent errors at every level of our operations and to continually upgrade our services. Our personnel make sure that the required specifications are met at all stages of implementation of the services offered by our company. By constantly reviewing and redesigning objective quality goals, we monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of work at all levels.

Health & safety policy

Our company consistently applies a health and safety at work system, based on full compliance with the legal requirements for the work health and safety sector, and at the same time meeting the requirements of the standard OHSAS 18001:2007. Our health and safety system provides all the necessary guarantees to our people that their daily work is surrounded by absolute safety.

Environmental policy

Our company is committed to using environmental friendly practices to combine efficient production with effective environmental protection. All our activities are conducted in a way that ensures the correct and efficient use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Compliance with applying legislation, continuous efforts to protect the environment and strive to improve environmental performance are an integral part of our personnel’s daily activities.

Corporate social responsibility

Working within an organized social and physical environment, we recognize our corporate social responsibility. We build relationships of trust and alliances with a wide range of stakeholders and organizations and develop them into partnership. We take actions and respond to challenges, adopt the voluntary implementation of good practices and actions.

By demonstrating interest in and respect for the social and physical environment in which the company operates, RENEL contributes

To the financial and moral support of amateur sports teams
To the financial and moral support of clubs that preserve and promote the country’s traditional heritage
To the environmental awareness of the partners and employees through recycling actions
To the systematic management of energy and water
To the methodology of waste management and packaging resulting from its manufacturing activity
To the involvement of the company in internship programs for student education and smooth connection of the new graduates with the labor market

Anti-bribing & anti-corruption policy

One of the fundamental policies we implement at RENEL is the anti-corruption and anti-bribing Policy. The practice of corruption and bribery is illegal, punishable and damaging to businesses, institutions and governments and therefore to all the societies and individuals.

We have a zero tolerance attitude towards corruption and bribery and this applies to all transactions that the business and its people are involved in.

Quality assurance