How do you imagine the Smart buildings of the future?

At a high school in Kastoria, on behalf of the Regional Development Agency of West Macedonia, ANKO SA, and in the context of the Project “LED (Leading the way to improve Energy Efficiency in public schools and propagate the use of renewable energy sources
)” of Interreg-IPA CBC Greece-Albania, we undertook the procurement, study and installation of advanced equipment:

Photovoltaic Power Generation System (Net-Metering)
LED lighting
A smart device that is monitoring and recording of the generated energy of the Photovoltaic Electricity Production System, measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds, internal and external temperature recording and”smart” lighting management.

Technology can truly change the quality of our way of life. Smart monitoring of the energy efficiency of buildings is an absolute necessity for a sustainable urban future. At Renel, we have the expertise to plan and implement all the steps to turn a building smart and contribute decisively to the #NetZero target.