Meet Renel Team- Managing Director

We thank the journalist Dimitra Taga from the website for the following interview of the Managing Director of Renel Charalambos Kardaras:

Can you make a review and evaluation of 2023, including the number and type of projects completed, the amount of investment made, and the turnover in figures?

2023 was a year of both challenges and significant achievements for Renel. The company successfully completed a number of projects, including:

  • Construction and operation of a 1MW photovoltaic park in Paros
  • Upgrade of the energy management system in a large industrial unit in Northern Greece
  • Development and implementation of an innovative lighting system for an archaeological site in Kilkis

In addition, Renel invested €1 million in new technologies and equipment, while its turnover reached €6 million. Finally, a new company was founded within the group, ReSight, which specializes in Energy Consulting for businesses and organizations

The company’s investment plan and goals for the current year. Are there any new projects planned, and if so, what are they and what do they involve?

For 2024, Renel has set ambitious goals, with a focus on the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the energy sector. The company plans to invest over €1 million, while also aiming to increase its turnover to €8 million. Renel’s biggest investment, however, is the attraction of new, talented engineers and their simultaneous training in all the knowledge areas that a modern, well-trained professional should be aware of.

Some of the new projects planned by Renel include:

  • Construction of new photovoltaic parks in Northern and Central Greece
  • Development of an energy storage system for a large industry in the Volos area
  • Installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of a large shopping center in the Attica region
  • Energy upgrades to emblematic buildings in the broader public sector in Thessaly-Attica-Macedonia, such as the glass building of the School of Positive Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In addition to Thessaloniki, in what other areas is the company active?

In addition to Thessaloniki, Renel has offices in Volos (Renel Engineering Hub) and engineers in Attica. The company is also active in various regions of Greece and abroad, through partnerships with other companies.

Is there an upward trend for businesses in our country to adopt sustainable and innovative solutions in the energy sector, or are we moving at a slower pace?

The trend towards the adoption of sustainable and innovative energy solutions by Greek businesses is indeed on the rise. The energy crisis, combined with growing environmental awareness, is prompting more and more businesses to seek solutions to reduce their energy costs and environmental footprint.

However, there are still obstacles to overcome, such as the lack of investment resources, bureaucracy, and the lack of know-how.

Which sectors are the most demanding and most reluctant to transition to a sustainable energy future?

The most demanding and reluctant sectors to transition to a sustainable energy future are those that are heavily reliant on fossil fuels, such as heavy industry, metallurgy, and transportation.

These sectors face significant challenges, such as the high initial investment required to adopt new technologies, uncertainty about the future of energy markets, and the lack of a skilled workforce.

What are the main challenges/obstacles facing your industry in your opinion?

The main challenges/obstacles facing our industry are:

  • The high initial investment required to develop and implement new technologies
  • Bureaucracy and licensing procedures
  • The lack of a skilled workforce
  • Uncertainty about the future of energy markets

Despite the challenges, the energy sector presents great opportunities for growth. The shift to sustainable energy sources and the development of new technologies are creating new opportunities for companies that are ready to adapt to the new conditions.