Renel at the 3rd BEYOND Expo

Calling all tech enthusiasts and energy visionaries! Renel Energy & Power Engineering is thrilled to announce our participation at the Beyond Expo, the region’s premier digital technology showcase, happening April 25-27 in Thessaloniki.

BEYOND isn’t your average expo. It’s a vibrant “exhibition-meets-summit” melting pot, where the brightest minds, innovative companies, and groundbreaking tech solutions converge. This year, the AI revolution takes center stage, shaping the future across industries.

Renel, at the forefront of this transformation, presents The Smartification of Energy!

We’ll be showcasing how smart technology is revolutionizing four key sectors:

  • Energy Production with PV Systems: Discover how intelligent solutions optimize solar panel performance and maximize energy output.
  • Building Management: Witness the future of intelligent buildings, where energy consumption is not just monitored, but actively managed for comfort and efficiency.
  • Automated Inspections with AI-powered Drones: Explore the world of unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with AI machine learning systems, transforming maintenance and inspection processes.
  • Electromobility: Dive into the future of transportation, where electric vehicles and smart charging infrastructure seamlessly integrate with the energy grid.