Greek Dairy

It is very important for a great company to trust us multimple times for their energy needs.

HELLENIC DAIRIES SA is a family business of 3rd generation that operates in the dairy sector with a presence in 47 countries. Having won several awards for implementing green policies, HELLENIC DAIRIES remains faithful to its values, designs, invests and innovates with a major intention in the sustainable growth.

Specifically, we installed 2 PV Systems with net metering in their facilities, 500 kW in Rodopi in Xanthi and 200 kW in Olympos in the Thessaloniki area. These actions produced an average of 1.100 mWh of green energy and reduced 385 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the environment. This is the perfect example of how can a business get energy efficient and sustainable and at the same time environmental friendly.