Region of Epirus

Zosimaia Pedagogical Academy, Ioannina City

This is a working model of a Photovoltaic park that helped the students understand how the RES are functioning.

In the framework of the Interreg IPA CBC Greece–Albania 2014-2020, we undertook the procurement and installation of LED lamps and Heat Pumps to improve the energy efficiency of the historical Academy and also the Demonstrative Models of Renewable Energy Sources in order for the students to fully comprehend the value of green energy.

With the use of a lever, a system of gears, (connected to each other by dials with toothed stems on them), can and does simultaneously turn all 10 Photovoltaic elements, right and left. The generated current charges a battery bank. After the batteries are charged, and by activating a switch, we lead the current to the lighting poles of a settlement. The village lights stay on until the batteries run out. Then we have to return the switch to its original position to start charging the batteries again.

These models are accompanied by measuring units, PC, and software for real-time processing and display of measurements, time series, and charts. The voltage and power of the electric current that is produced by the above models are monitored by the measuring units, which transfer the corresponding data to the computer for processing and carrying out computational exercises and tasks, with the help of which students are able to compare and evaluate the results and benefits of alternative energy production arrangements, such as changes in wind flow, water pressure, solar tracking gradients, etc.